1. Windows has always been the OS that is more user friendly and obliged by the same they have made it more friendly by introducing some stuff like the settings app is more organized, the graphics are more subtle than before.
  2. For the first time ever the contents of your mobile phone of the app store can be found in Windows, a never-ending step towards seamless integration of the best of both worlds.
  3. The settings app is now more organized than ever, you can find each and every preference just by looking at the main menu. They have made it easier for everyone to follow.


Their basic aim is to provide an OS that is free of bugs and it should look like a 2021 updated version. It is a free OTA (Over-The-Air) update that anyone with a Wi-Fi connection can download. They are trying to be more like macOS with their animation and graphics as more blur gradient is used which is the basic graphic component in iOS and macOS devices.

It is also a natural update for Windows 10, an evolution that was very much needed for the betterment of everybody. The subtle difference between windows 10 and windows 11 is strange and unique at the same time. Unique in the sense that the windows button is now in the center in the taskbar and strange in the sense that it is trying to copy macOS.


In the very beginning, Microsoft launched their OS as MS-DOS but soon it was replaced with Windows. In the initial days of Windows, many iterations came which made it great, the game became serious after the launch of Windows 3.0 which introduced some of the revolutionary features that we take for granted today. It was basically designed in a way that people should get used to working with a mouse and the user interface.
Then came the year of Windows 95 and everything changed for Microsoft in a positive way.

In the initial days windows was not thought of as an OS rather a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that would run on top of MS-DOS, their very first OS.

In 1988 after the release of Windows 2.2, Apple sued Microsoft for allegedly copying some stuff. But in the end, they lost. As a matter of fact, Steve Jobs till he was alive always accused Microsoft of stealing from MacOS.


If you look closely at the cycle of Windows launches there is a quite familiar pattern that has been followed unanimously. From the very first major integration, the Windows OS has been a mixed bag.
If we look at Windows XP it was a hit, then Windows Vista was not so great, then came Windows 7 which was a revolutionary product but the followed product of Windows 8 was not so good. On the contrary, Windows 10 was launched which was an overall good product. Now it is the turn of Windows 11, let’s see how well the product performs.


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