At the end of world war II, the two superpowers at that time wanted to impose their ideology all around the world. The USA wanted to implement the capitalism ideology whereas USSR wanted communism all around the world. Capturing Germany and making the country their own was the primary objective because it was a military and financial hub of the world at that time and its capture would give its master a huge advantage in general.

When Germany surrendered after World War II, the USA and USSR captured parts of the country. The USA gained control of the western half whereas the USSR had the eastern half. The problem arose when Berlin existed in the eastern part of the USSR. Both the superpowers wanted control of Berlin and soon they came to an agreement that the city itself would be divided into eastern and western parts. The west part would belong to USSR and the east part would be given to the USA.
People in Berlin tried to flee the communism ideology and wanted to settle in the eastern part of Berlin for the capitalism ideology of the USA. Soon it became a problem as more people tried to pass the border and hence USSR came up with the idea of building a wall across the city so that no one could cross the border and go to the other side. On the contrary, the eastern side of the USA was welcoming of the western people but this was not the case another way around

And hence this remained as a piece of history for the next 30 years and people adjusted to that living. On the night of a fine November in 1989, everything changed when it was announced that the Berlin wall would be destroyed.

It was the symbol of the Cold War that needed to be put down in order to end the war and in 1989 this is what exactly happened.

The Berlin wall marks the end of the Cold War era. As a matter of fact, the destruction of the Berlin wall was announced as an accident. There was an interview in 1989 with a German official who was addressing the media. He was asked by a reporter about the travel restrictions in Berlin then he responded “anyone could pass through the wall and there would be no restriction whatsoever”. This news was not supposed to be shared until 4 am the next day.
But soon after, people started celebrating and meeting their loved ones from another side of the border and at the moment the Cold War finally ended for good.


As a matter of fact, very few people know this but xerox was the one who made the very first personal computer but they couldn’t find a way to monetize it and sell it to the public so they discarded the idea and left it on the shelf. When Steve Jobs came to visit Xerox he saw the personal computer lying on the shelf and immediately asked the officials whether he could buy all the patents and rights to this device. As they couldn’t find a way to sell those so they happily handed over all the things that Steve Jobs wanted.

Then later through passion and determination, Steve Jobs in competition with Bill Gates built the first editions of a personal computer which took the world by storm and later change the world forever and made the process of working in offices better, fast and secure.

Hence it was not Bill Gates or Steve Jobs that made the first personal computer it was Xerox but due to their poor lack of decision, it is unknown by everyone.

A club was made within the Xerox company where the brilliant minds came up with the unusual and usual ideas which fit and did not fit into the society, anything that was innovative was considered and made for the benefit of the company. Steve Jobs was a great admirer of this club so he went to see what they were up to and clearly, they were up to something big which even they didn’t know the potential of. Amazing isn’t it?


The most notorious leader of Europe’s history was only 5‘6“ tall, which is very short when you consider the things he did during his power.

Napoleon was a very strong leader and had the biggest army at that time in terms of the number of personnel and as a consequence of that, he captured most of Europe in the late 18th century and made France a superior country in all of Europe.
Then he wanted to capture parts of Asia which included Russia. He sent in more than 600,000 soldiers to invade Russia. The weather in France is not that cool but in Russia, it is bare survival, due to the fact that the soldiers never prepared for the intense cold of the Russian winters, which led to their defeat.

His army marched into Russia before the winter season but when they arrived there the month of winter had arrived one month earlier than expected which resulted in not proper conditioning of the French soldiers but for the Russian soldiers it was acceptable as they had seen those chilly winters. Simply due to this the French soldiers started dying in large quantities and very few were left to fight which led to their untimely demise and Napoleon was defeated in the end by Russia.


In the 18th century, Russia was finding it difficult to make Alaska profitable, they were unable to find ways to churn out more natural materials from the soil and as a result, they sold Alaska to the USA for very small money. The USA purchased it for $7 million at the end of the 18th century.

Through the advancements of technology, the USA was able to make more money out of Alaska by extracting more natural materials from its surface and it is said that Alaska has many more natural resources that are needed to be discovered. To date, the USA has extracted about $700 million worth of natural products from Alaska which makes it a very very profitable trade for the USA.

Geographically if you see the most western part of Alaska and the most eastern part of Russia can be seen with naked eye.

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