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In the early days of the industrial revolution, there was a need for a proper standardized map of the world. It was primarily required for world trade to be executed with ease. And of course, to make such a map it was given to the nation who was at the supremacy at that point of time in history, which was the USA, so they thought of improvising the actual world map by making themselves the center of the attraction.

The following can be the actual reasons why this was done:-

  1. As we all know that America is in the western hemisphere but they wanted themselves to appear in the center of the world so they slightly improvised to make it look like the western hemisphere is larger than the eastern one, although the majority of the population lives in the eastern world for the same reason the western was made to look bigger deliberately.
    Fun fact:- By their thinking London was never in the center of the world, they forcefully wanted to make the US but they couldn’t because many alterations would leave more chance for them to get caught. So they made these rigged maps that we see today, that we are used to.
  2. Another reason can be related to geometry. The world that we live in is three-dimensional but the figure of the globe that we draw on our papers is two-dimensional, the transformation of a sphere from a 3D to a 2-D object distorts the dimensions and makes the picture look stretchy at the poles. The more we go north or south or more distortion we discover in the 2-D plane.
    The problem gets even worse as the actual shape of the Earth is elliptical (more flat at the poles and bulged out at the equator) not spherical which further elaborates the problem.
    In fact, both things go against the map theory.

The only question that is against the supremacy of the USA is that they are behind the global time zone. As silly as it may sound but when this time zone were being made they must have tried to be the ones who were ahead of the time zone but it didn’t happen.

How Greenland is ” Same Size” as South America?

There’s this famous debate that Greenland is many times smaller than South America but on the map, it appears to be the same size, how’s this possible?
This is possible due to the fact that their overall shapes are kind of similar and Greeland is nearer to the poles and South America is closer to the equator which by the above-described theory makes their sizes equal.

This directly shows how much the maps were rigged to make US look bigger on the map.

Another point that can be mentioned here, all the big continents in the western hemisphere are named America.


As the world economics and politics go, the size of both these countries is mesmerizing. Because one is incredibly small to be called a country and the other is incredibly large to be called country, amazing isn’t it? Both the countries share a pretty amazing history as to how they were made

Russia was built on the foundations of a ruler who wanted to conquer the whole world and Vatican City was built on the foundations of Christianity to preserve their culture, their church, and the Pope. One is an economic superpower that stands tall with a gigantic army and another seeks support from other countries in order to be safe and operational.

As a matter of fact, during the era of the Cold War the size of Russia was even big. Earlier it was called USSR, after the Cold War, it was divided into 11 countries including Russia in the late 20th century because of the economic crisis. You can imagine the size of the country before that, no wonder they were on the verge of becoming a true superpower of modern times.


The South Pole is covered with ice and has a landmass attached to it but the north pole is completely submerged in the Arctic Ocean which makes going to the North Pole very unlikely.
There are very few scientists living in the different parts of Antarctica for research purposes. And as a result, more than 10 babies have been born on the continent of Antarctica.
A very unlikely thing happens when someone is born in Antarctica, watch this video to know:

There is a difference between the geographical north pole and the magnetic north pole, the same goes for the South Pole as well. The geographical poles are exactly located at 0° whereas the magnetic poles are slightly tilted at 23°.

If we hypothetically shrink the earth to the size of a tennis ball then the outer surface of the earth would be smoother and more regular than the ball. All these considering the fact that we have high peaks such s Mount Everest and low points such as Mariana trench, the highest and the lowest places on earth.

12 people have been to the moon but only 3 people have dived to the deepest point of Mariana Trench, including the Avatar and Titanic director James Cameron.

The duration of the rotation of the earth is not 24 hours rather it is 23 hours 56 minutes but somehow very few people know it. Due to the shortage of four minutes every day we are forced to celebrate one extra day every 4 years in February. This phenomenon was discovered in the 18th century, and after this phenomenon was discovered people had to erase few days from the calendar in order to be on the right time and day.

Watch the following video to know more about the above saying:

If you stand on the North pole, then every direction will lead to the South Pole and this is also true for the South Pole, whereas the same is not true for the Western hemisphere and eastern hemispheres.

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