Happiness comes from within, there is no one in this world or no place in this world that will make you happy unless you don’t want to be happy. Happiness is a state of mind that we choose to follow rather than some external forces that allow us to choose it. Happiness doesn’t equate to having a smile on my face rather it is a strong feeling that makes us feel good about ourselves and our surroundings.

Happiness is where you are, unless nowhere.

Happiness can be anything like a place, feeling, any situation, it really depends upon the individual in every which way. Generally, happiness comes from positive thinking and a positive attitude towards any situation.

Oftentimes people confuse happiness with money, both are different realms of their kind which require each a separate state of mind. It doesn’t take money to be happy, you can be happy even if you don’t have any. You can be really happy with money if you invest your time and yourself wisely with others. Often in the start, people think they need to earn more money to be happy but in the end, it often doesn’t stay true, don’t find happiness in materialistic things be happy with whatever you have and seek happiness with people around you.

Having money doesn’t change anyone, it reveals who they actually are.

Don’t Show Off

Offen the people who want to be rich flaunt their wealth to others in order to make themselves feel they are rich but the people who are actually rich don’t bother doing this because they’re in a state of mind which requires them to not do certain things. Showing off will never work in the long run, it tricks you into thinking you are winning but deep down it eats you from within and takes you nowhere in a few year’s time. People who take decisions cautiously and with proper thinking end up winning in the long run even if they started with nothing.

Too many people buy things they don’t need, with the money they don’t have, trying to impress people they don’t even like.

Don’t Be Materialistic

Don’t find happiness in material things, the interest in materials tends to fade away very quickly with the passage of time. Humans were built to live and cherish moments with people not to like the things that were built for their use. If you try to find happiness in cars and houses you will be unhappy at the end of the day. And lastly, put people above every material that you own, and life is no match for any material thing that you own. When the going gets tougher in life, your materials will not come to save you rather the people around you especially your family will help you.

If you buy things that you don’t need, then sooner or later you have to sell things that you do.

Talk Less

Have a sense of mind in the way you speak and talk, always talk to listen and not talk to argue. It is definitely better to be quiet in a pointless conversation that does not have a meaning at the end. Having a meaningful conversation is ten times better than having a pointless one. Try to listen to people who know more than you, never listen to someone who does not add any value to your life. Always know what to talk and where to talk because some people will never get what you want to convey, they would stay on their words even if they are wrong.

Don’t listen to people who have not done what you want to do.

Be Grateful

Always be grateful for what you had, you have, and what you’re going to achieve in the future. People come and go but the only thing you can do is be grateful for all the situations and moments that you were a part of. Cherish every moment and try to live every instance of your life like this is the last one and never let the kid in you die, ever. Take a step back and be thankful to your parents for their sacrifices and their unconditional love towards you. there will be certain situations in your future that will discourage you from every angle, being grateful and working towards solving those situations would yield the most out of you.

Never forget 3 people in life: One who helped you in your difficult time, one who left you in your difficult time and one who put you in your difficult time.

Fail Big

Failing Big early in your life would give you a clear advantage over others who failed to fail because it is one of the only things that would teach you what no teacher could ever do. It makes you humble and takes you to the depths of life you never thought existed. It makes you imagine the world in a new form altogether. Failing will teach you more than success. History has taught us that great inventors and achievers failed numerous times before succeeding. success, in the end, tastes sweeter if you know you failed several times in the process. Failure is the process to know that things aren’t going to work out this way and you eliminate it by trying it one more time. Never stop yourself on the brink of failure rather make failure work for yourself and achieve greatness with it.

Success is the road which is built on failures.

FAILURE IS A NECESSARY EVILFailures are a crucial part of our life which we whether like it or not will eventually and surely happen. No one, I…

Love Yourself

Before loving anyone else you should have the ability to love yourself no matter what you are, where you are, and with whom you are. Always invest in yourself first then think about others, this is not an act of selflessness but a fulfillment of within which yields nothing but love for others. Love is the selfless act that makes you understand and feel the other person. Loving a person doesn’t cost a thing so spread it like you have unlimited of it.

There are 2 people that you have to make proud in your life, and it’s not your parents. It’s your 80 year and 8-year-old self.

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