The cold war was the infamous war that was fought between 2 giants of their times to suppress world supremacy. Those 2 countries were the USA and USSR. Although it was called a war not a single bullet was fired. Both of them had a distinct ideology which they wanted to impose on the world, not in the way to rule the world but to become a superpower.
Both the countries invested heavily in their armies and made some extraordinary advancements in that field. Take for example the SR71 Blackbird spy plane, humans landing on the moon and countless more were the direct by-product of the war.

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All the ruckus started after World War II ended, the world was left to be dominated as Germany was just defeated, so the USA and USSR saw a unique opportunity which later became the cold war.

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USSR Lost, Everybody Won:-

Among the many things that led to the USA’s victory, having a democracy played a key role in their win. As in the beginning, USSR had a significant advantage and they were kind of ahead in every which way but towards the end, they couldn’t manage themselves financially and politically and as a result, they lost.

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Their loss didn’t just mean they losing the war it meant a win for the world because they wanted to implement federal single-party rule (a form of dictatorship) and the USA, on the other hand, wanted democracy, which is better for people. By the end of the war both the countries had made other countries follow their ideology, we can see some examples of that as to which one proved to be better in the long run.

As a result of the war the USSR was divided into 15 new countries namely Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belorussia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Lativa, Lithuania and Estonia. You can imagine the sheer size of USSR!

Take North Korea and South Korea for example. N. Korea followed in the footsteps of the USSR and S. Korea followed the idealogy of the USA, we all know which country has come out victorious, no explanation needed here for any clarification.
Take another example of China and Japan. China followed USSR’s ideology and Japan adopted democracy. This idealogy of the Soviet is not working well in China for the people as they don’t even get to enjoy their freedom. You can’t access YouTube or any Google product in China. How bad can it get?

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North and South Korea After their Partition


Ifyou have heard about the result of the Vietnam war then it may not surprise you but if you haven’t, then consider this, Vietnam was the only country that has defeated the USA to date. They believed they were sufficient enough in their own right and they didn’t want their ideology. You must have heard the famous word Guerrilla Warefare”, the word is related to this war. There was a time in the war when the USA was started fighting against the people rather than focusing on the war.

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Vietnam During the Vietnam War

The American soldiers in Vietnam were basically fighting against two enemies whose battle tactics were well-honed through years of combat, the first was North Vietnam, and the second was South Vietnam.
The main idea behind the USA entering the war was that Vietnam was the first country that USSR chooses in the Asia continent as theirfederal singleparty subsidiary,to this, the Americans fear single-party rule would start penetrating the Asian continent. That’s why it was essential for them to stop this in the first place.

One of the bitter truths is not that America lost the Vietnam war but the bitter truth is that what it did to avoid getting defeated. They did all the things that could be done wrong and spoke the lies that could be spoken to win this war. They dropped 4 times the amount of bombs than that dropped off in the 2nd World War.

The Vietnam war lasted 10 years and cost America 58,000 lives and $1 trillion (adjusted for inflation). It brought down a President (John F. Kennedy), caused social unrest, and unfortunately ended in defeat.


When the cold war was at its peak the only thing that could increase your chances of winnings was to be the first ones to send humans to the moon as the USSR had already beaten the Americans in sending the first humans to space and the first satellites to space. The USSR surely had an edge over the Americans in the space race.
NASA was established during these days and had one goal in mind, to land humans on the 🌓, which is exactly what they did and became a key role player in the win. But do you know some people believe that NASA faked the moon landings, do you believe the same?


The USA has a clear geographical advantage as they have nothing in their direct right or left, the only countries surrounding them are Canada and Mexico which is a good thing for them as Canada is very friendly with everybody, generally, it doesn’t cause any problems with anybody. The only downside is that they have Latin American countries illegally flooding them with drugs.
So capturing the USA was next to impossible for anybody intending to do so which led to becoming the superpower of the world.

3.Arms Race
From the very beginning, the USA has been a leader in the arms race meaning they have proven themselves superior at the military front. From the development of the first atomic bomb to spending around $750 billion on their military budget in 2020, they have dominated the world like none other. Part of this success contributes to the fact that they got their independence way back, before anybody else.
The arms race was at its peak when USSR was making one revolutionary product one after the other. At one point in time, the USA was kind of behind in this race but eventually, they caught up and beat everybody else. As a result of this war, nowadays they have a far superior military than anybody else and continue to dominate the world with their military power.


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