Don’t take shortcuts, every article you read nowadays has to do with taking shortcuts but don’t buy it, in my opinion, take your time to learn the things you want to learn, don’t avoid making mistakes, mistakes are something you should be wearing a badge of, true success doesn’t come cheap which it shouldn’t and doesn’t come without putting a portion of your life. Success is simply a process of repeated trial and error done repeatedly over a significant period of time. Seems simples but the time factor makes it challenging.
People don’t think for the long term instead prepare themselves for the short term, they usually underestimate the things that they could do in long term and overestimate the things that they could do in short term.

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Learn from the ones who did it before you, try to avoid unproductive mistakes that they did, and try to do what they couldn’t, as simple as that. Taking shortcuts is everyone’s cup of tea don’t drink it. Life is a bigger picture than anyone can imagine and it is in nobody’s hands, the universe has a way of doing things, and just go with the vibe wherever the universe takes you, and make the most out of it, so do what the **** you want to do in life.


There are many things you can be in life. But being anything by yourself takes courage and sheer determination along with taking the right decisions at the right time. You might ask how can anyone know whether this is the right time to make a decision or not? You can take the right decisions by the experience you have gained throughout your life. Those experiences are a by-product of all the mistakes you did in your lifetime. So take life with a pinch of salt and get to work.

“It’s your life, make it large”.

Take the world-renowned Warren Buffett for example, the way he became rich is so simple but yet extremely difficult to achieve. He invested in companies very early in their lifetime and kept the stocks for 40 years, his wealth grew exponentially through the power of compounding, which is believed to 8th wonder of the world.


It is Apple’s byline we all know but do we exactly know what does it mean? Yes, we all do but we don’t follow it. Why, because we don’t have the brains for it. We daily make hundreds of decisions but we sometimes look upon those decisions afterward and say we could have done it in a better way. Why does this happen? This happens because we don’t do proper thinking for those decisions. We are obsessed with the fact that whatever we do or speak is the ultimate truth and the other person doesn’t know what they are speaking, isn’t it?

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This is why many relationships don’t last long because we easily find mistakes in the other person and try to change the other person. Instead, you just give a reality check about yourself and try to adapt accordingly.FAILURE IS A NECESSARY EVILIn Your

Small Things Matter in Life:-

Small things in life really matter, it can tell where you will end up in the future. The things that you do every day are the things that will help gain enough momentum to do anything. People usually don’t prepare themselves for the small moments in life and are always ready for the big moments. This won’t do, small decisions tend to grow out to big ones.
Start small and then go for the big bucks when you are truly ready. Never wait for the perfect timing to start because the perfect time is one when you start. The problem with people is that they want to do so many things but they never start a thing because they have the mindset of a thinker rather than a doer. The one who is doing more than he is paid for will soon be earning more than he does for. Be passionate about something and start doing that work

“Never let your inner child die in you, just because of the fear of the world”.


    The process of completing something has its own merit and demerit. Why old is called gold? It is because the older generation people have experience with them which differentiates them from the others. Talent and experience can never be bought it can only be gained through time. The time frame is the most important valuable asset that we have. It sometimes proves to be a liability for some people, but it’s up to you, how you utilize it. In my opinion, the process is more important than the results. Results can only have two outcomes which are positive and negative whereas the process is done correctly can completely change the character of a person, can make him unrecognizable.
    Trial and error are one of the most important processes of any development of skill. It adds to the character of a person. Fast success builds ego whereas slow success builds character. Always remember that. Someone who became an overnight success will have a bad attitude than someone who failed several times and succeeded later on.
    Taking a shortcut will prevent you from living life. Try to enjoy life as it is, try to enjoy the ups and downs of life. It is a part which all of us want to avoid but believe me it is the most important part and it will help you grow as a person later on. Try to find happiness in little things rather than going for the big ones. It is rightly said, “Happiness is wherever you are or nowhere”.

“Except for life and death matters, nothing is as important as it first seems”.

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You should never settle for anything rather have a mindset for conquering more and more. Settling is for those who want an average mediocre life. If you want to live large then you have to be large in the sense of mindset, attitude, body language among other things. This motto should be carried on for years at a time if you want to reach somewhere in life.

“If you want to own a Rolls Royce never take advice from a Toyota owner”.

If you are into technology you would recognize that “Never Settle” is the tagline of the smartphone company OnePlus. They are doing pretty well by following this.

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