Microsoft is the company that has made it all happen. They have brought businesses together like never before. Every business today uses at least one of their products. The company has created an ecosystem for them to which makes it easier for them. Microsoft is primarily a software company, and also makes hardware for some of its products.

The company at the time of its IPO made 3 Billionaires and 12,000 Millionaires among employees. In 2018 Microsoft claimed the top spot for the most valuable company dethroning Apple but this was short-lived as Apple took over the spot in 2019 and became the first Trillion Dollar company in modern US history. Microsoft was third to this club behind Amazon and Apple.

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Logo Transformation of Microsoft over the Years

Microsoft is the acronym for Microcomputer Software


Microsoft’s Founders:-

Microsoft was an amazing idea that was created by Bill Gates. Of course, he wouldn’t have done so much if it wouldn’t have been for his teammates. In his era, Bill Gates was something else, he was very serious about who clearly wanted to work for him, he made certain measures to keep this in place. Bill is an intelligent person, his IQ is among the top in the world. He was very ambitious from a young age and wanted to do something productive.
Clearly, the things he has done are beyond the imagination of a normal person.
Bill Gates sidelined from the job of CEO of Microsoft in 2000, he wanted to give time to his philanthropy and charitable work. In his place Steve Balmer was appointed the CEO, later he also became a Billionaire.

Microsoft had one more founder, named Paul Allen who died on 15th October 2018. At the time of his death, he was worth around $20 Billion.

There is no secret… I showed my plan to 1200 people, 900 said NO, 300 signed up for it. Out of those 300, 85 did anything at all. Out of 85 only 35 took it seriously, and 11 made a multi-millionaire.


Microsoft is the very company that has made its founder the richest person on the planet. And there is no doubt about it because Apple and Microsoft are the 2 companies that have shaped our world today. Each company is better than the other in the sense that one’s founder is the richest individual on the planet and the other itself is the richest company in the world. It is very hard to say if not them then somebody else would have done it because the thing that did was not short of magical. Our world revolves around computers and all the official work is done on computers nowadays. Here, we can confidently say that Bill Gates is worthful of being the richest person.

Bill Gates held the title for the ‘The Richest Person’ in 1995 and stayed there for 20 years straight. It is his sheer intelligence and skills that have helped him stay on the top. Also, today Bill Gates is as rich as he was in 1995. Amazing isn’t?

The Impact of 2 Technological Giants:-

Here, one might argue that IBM was founded way before the likes of Microsoft and Apple and they too were working on the computer and its revolutionizing effects on the world but the point to be noted here is that IBM never intended the computer to be used for personal use, it had different plans regarding the future of computers and the reach that a normal person should have in buying a computer. It was Microsoft and Apple who paved the way for pc to be used by the general public. They first started building the pc from scratch and then by adding more and more accessories and features with each new generation and with every new launch a new component was added. Like Apple shipped one of their new pc with a mouse. Can you imagine that Apple was the one who invented the mouse?
Today’s generation of Windows and Macintosh OS has nearly 50 years in the making. As you can imagine building an OS is a tough job due to the fact that it requires trial and error not just coding.

For true reality, consider Microsoft and Apple to be the ones who made the Earth for all, and companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook are the biggest successful people living in it.

The True Inventor:-

A little secret that I am damn sure very few people know, the pc was originally made by the company Xerox (yes the very company that makes photocopy machines). In the early 70s and 80s, they had a section set up which was purely dedicated to crazy out of the world ideas within the company called Xerox Park. And they out of curiosity had made the pc but at that time they could not visualize the potential of the pc and had their machine sitting on the shelf. One fine day Steve Jobs was on a tour to see the working of the company and saw the pc sitting there. He immediately visualized the potential that it would have in the real world and didn’t bother for anything else on the rest of the tour other than to buy the pc official and sure he did and things changed from that day for the entire world. Can anyone imagine in reality it is Xerox who carved our world into what it looks like today? Amazing isn’t.

In my opinion, I think Microsoft has done wonders for the world and I can’t imagine a world without Microsoft. They set off to revolutionize the office spaces and how people got work done in offices.


Today’s world would have looked very different if it wasn’t for Microsoft. They have shaped the workings of businesses in many aspects. Every business starting today needs something from Microsoft to succeed. Microsoft is a company that sells to other companies and businesses as a whole. They don’t often sell to direct individual customers.

In the early 2000s, Bill Gates didn’t have a good reputation due to some accusations that were put on him. Bill knew this and wanted to change his public image as soon as possible. During this time, believe it or not, Apple was kind of struggling financially. So to this Steve Jobs asked Bill Gates to invest a large amount in Apple in exchange for letting go of all the accusations that were put on him. Bill jumped at this opportunity and it was a win-win situation for both parties. Bill invested $150 Million and offered free-access to use Microsoft Office, which at the time was the primary software user demand on Mac PCs.
This historic move saved Apple from bankruptcy.

Market Capitalization:-

Microsoft has been a major player in the world when it comes to market capitalization. It has made Bill Gates amongst the top richest for over 3 decades. Today at the time of writing this article Bill Gates holds less than 1% if Microsoft shares, all going to his charitable work and philanthropy. The shares of Microsoft had made multiple people Billionaires, the highest for any company at the time. The company has come a long way to be ranked in the most valuable brands of the world.

The company had no traction at the prices of shares before 1995. It came to a considerable margin in the 21st century.

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Microsoft stock is currently trading at $216.51 per share (under the intial MSFT) with total outstanding share of 7.56 billion at the time of writing this article.
Multiplying them will give us the market capitalization.

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Different Revenue Streams of Microsoft


  • Bill Gates was on the top of the richest list for more than 2 decades. He was a very intelligent person and an even brilliant investor, he brought all the stocks that would keep him super-wealthy for the rest of his life. That’s why even after 50 years of Microsoft he is worth north of $100 Billion.
Richest List from 1995 to 2019
  • Microsoft was the one who came up with an intuitive OS (Windows) that made it easier for the user. Apple was second to it.
  • There are so many specific business areas where Microsoft has failed miserably. Take Windows Phone OS, for example, it failed like anything. The android OS is a clearly better alternative as shown by the market share. The Windows OS lacked some basic tweaks or features at the basic level which the other competitive OS had, it was like the engineers at Microsoft had a different way of doing things.
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Microsoft Phone OS
  • Youtube could have been a Microsoft entity. 6 months before Google put an offer, Microsoft offered $500 Million for the site but was refused. Late Google’s offer of $1.6 Billion was accepted. Can you imagine Youtube could have been a Microsoft venture?
  • Bill doesn’t believe in the concept of expensive watches but he believes in the idea of expensive houses, he has stated this fact about him in multiple interviews. You can easily see him wearing a $10 watch, but his house is believed to be $120 Million.

B’day of Microsoft is on 4th April 1975.


  • This logo was designed by Bill and Paul in under a day. The logo simply resembles the name of the company with some hidden meaning to it. The word “O” in the middle is called “blibbet”
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One of the earliest Iteration of the Logo
  • Before the launch of Windows OS, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were very good friends and worked together business-wise. Apple’s Macintosh was being developed, until then Microsoft developed their own OS called Windows but was not allowed to release any OS publicly. But the problem arose when after the end of the agreement Apple still didn’t release the OS and Microsoft did which sparked a fierce rivalry between the two. To this Apple accused Microsoft of stealing their idea.
  • Bill was a very hard working man, he has often told the tabloid that he never took a single day off during his 20s. He was so addicted to his work that he learned the number plates of his employees’ car to figure out who was late to work and willing to give their full potential and who wasn’t.


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