S-Class has always been a pinnacle of luxury, setting standards and benchmarks along the way. Whenever a new S-Class is launched the automotive world waits to see what the new S-Class has to offer. It always comes with the latest quarks and gizmos with a lot of engineering involved in it. What the company knows about the luxury, it puts it in the S-Class. Things that are learned from the past and the things that are learned from their F1 team, all go into their cars. Needless to say that S-Class is the flagship model for Mercedes-Benz.

S-Class stands for Special-Class.
Similarly E-Class stands for Executive-Class, G-Class stands for Geländewagen-Class, C-Class stands for Compact Class.
All SUV modes are named as GL models, for example SUV of E-Class stands for GLE, and so on for GLC, GLS, etc.

A Little Bit of History

The S-Class has been around since 1954 with the current generation being the 7th generation model. In all those years it has got the title for the most luxurious car also being the best selling luxury car by a considerable margin. The first car was code-named “Ponton” (1954) followed by the “Fintail” (1959), W108 (1965), W116 (1972–1980), W126 (1980–1991), W140 (1991–1998), W220 (1999–2005), W221(2006–2013), W222 (2014–2020).

The car has debuted many of the company’s latest innovations and features, such as drivetrain technologies, interior features, and some safety systems. For instance, S-Class was the first car in Europe to incorporate airbags and three-pointed seatbelts, and most important of all it also debuted ABS which is common in all smaller variants nowadays. Historically, the engineers of the S-Class was claimed to have been designed without regard to cost, a practice which continued up to the W140 line.

Visit the official site of the S-Class to know more:

Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Cares for what matters.The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Saloon: expressive design, first-class comfort, and innovative safety technology.www.mercedes-benz.com

Market Capitalization (Market Share)

Mercedez-Benz is owned by Daimler AG who controls all its operations. The market capitalization of Daimler AG in 2020 was $55.57 Billion at the time of writing this article with the highest ever capitalization being $100.28 Billion.

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Market Capitalization of Daimler AG in the Last 5 Years

How to distinguish an S-Class from other Mercedez models?

From the front, the new S-Class has a three-piece digital light which indicates its superiority to the C- Class and the E-Class. E-Class has two and the C-Class has one.
From the rear, the same design language is followed as it also has three stripes of light in the tail light.
This design aspect was also present in the previous generation.

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Tail Lamps with 3 Strips of LED with Crystal Effect


Every time a new S-Class is launched it comes with a new “design language” which the whole Mercedez line follows. It is the trendsetter for the Mercedez brand and probably for the world. Some of the features that debuted on this car in the old days are used in every car nowadays.
Overall the new design on the car looks stunning and is surely visually appealing. A new sportier look has been given to the car which enables it to combine beauty with the beast.

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Design of the New Generation 2021 S-Class.

A Problem with Design:-

Each manufacturer always looks up to the tries to copy their exterior and interior design but this S-Class has a problem and its kind of a big one. In the older generations, the S-Class used to set the design language for Mercedez-Benz cars and all the lower segment cars use to follow that design trend but this time the new S-Class from the front looks like a beefed-up version of the E-Class which looks like the big brother of the C-Class, and it indeed looks like the longer A-Class.
From the rear, the brake lights are just like the CLS with only minor design changes.

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Interior Design


Owning an S-Class is still a dream of many people. It surely puts the status of being successful in front of the world. If you own an S-Class then you must be important to someone and many people depend on you. People don’t buy an S-Class because they want to or it is spacious or not, they often buy it for the status that it builds for you in society. It is also conveyed in the Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series but S-Class is something different.

The basis of the Audi A8 is on being more angular design with sharp cuts and creases, on the other hand, the BMW 7 Series focuses more on the driving pleasure and making a good experience behind the wheel. Also, the design of BMW is like an angry personality.
In the number of sales, the Audi is lagging behind BMW and Mercedez as BMW sold about 2.1 Million in the 2019 Fiscal Year whereas Mercedez sold 2.33 Million cars in the same fiscal year. On the other hand, Audi sold 1.8 Million cars in the 2019 fiscal year. By the way, these are worldwide figures.

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S-Class’ Arch Rivals Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series

All models of the new S-Class

The S-Class is offered in the saloon and cabriolet version, each having a unique design signature. The saloon is always launched first followed by the cabriolet and al last the AMG models.

S-Class non high performance models: S 350d, S 450 Maestro Edition, S560 Maybach Maestro Edition, S650 Maybach

S-Class Cabriolet Models: S500 Cabriolet, S560 Cabriolet

S-Class AMG models: S63 Sedan, S65 Sedan

A great way to ask the customers to pay more: The company uses a great marketing strategy by bringing its name of the performance AMG to the smaller variant non-high-performance cars. Whenever you buy a car there is always an option to upgrade your Mercedez to an “AMG trim”, which adds things like fake exhaust, sportier wheels, and some AMG badges on the car. All these are done without any upgrades to the engine.

Full form of Mercedez high performance AMG is Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach.

Difference between A New Generation and A Facelift: A Facelift is nothing but launching basically the same car with minor upgrades in a regular period of time. On the other hand, a new generation is a complete redesign of the car with new looks and engines, a new generation arrives after a considerable long period of time. S-Class is in its 7th generation currently.


1. Digital Lights

Digital lights are the latest technology to be integrated into the headlights. It is the technology that is taken from different industry altogether. The digital light present on the Mercedez can display any image or graphics on the road by shining high-intensity lights in the low-intensity zone. Through this, it can project and display any road sign ahead, any warning on ahead, etc. The light has about 1.3 Million Pixel.
It advantageous in the way that it can project its high beam up to 600 meters, it has a long life span and it consumes very little power.

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Digital Light System System with 1.3 Million Pixels

Types of the light system used in headlights (in chronological order):
i). Standard Headlights
ii). Projector Beam Headlights
iii). Halo Headlights
iv). HID (High-Intensity Discharge)
v). LED Headlights
vi). LASER Headlights
vii). Digital Headlights

Here’s a great video that will enlighten you more on the above topic:

Digital Lights Explained in Detail

2. RWS (Rear Wheel Steering)

Mercedez is very excited about this feature as they are showing it in every advertisement, although this technology is not new they are very excited about it. The main advantage of this feature is that it improves the stability of the vehicle and indeed confidence of the driver. Rear tires move about 10 degrees at maximum.

In speeds below 60 kph, the rear wheels rotate in the opposite direction to the front wheels, and speeds above 60 kph the rear tires move in the same direction of the front wheels.

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Rear Wheel Steering (RWS)

3. New MBUX (Mercedez Benz User Experience) System

This year’s car has a new MBUX (Mercedez Benz User Experience) system which allows for a personalized identity for each person who drives the car with personalized data saving measures. Multiple identities can be created for each member of the family.

The system will remember each person’s unique characteristics such as it’s his preferred driving mode, his seat position, his favorite song, and so on. Everything starts to change and adjusts to your identity when you log in to your id. By the way, this is not a new idea as Tesla’s has had it for years in their system.

4. Acquisition of Maybach

In 1960 the Maybach brand was acquired by Daimler-Benz, in 2002 it was a stand-alone brand but in 2015 it became a subbrand of Mercedez. Maybach’s name was synonymous with ultra-luxury. That’s why the top end S-Class models started coming with the name as Mercedez knew the value of the brand.

Mercedez also has a few other models of S-Class such as the limousine style S Pullman and armored S Guard. All these are modified by the Brabus company. Mercedez simply sends the cars to be modified and Brabus modifies the car as per the specification. Mercedez doesn’t do these modifications themselves.

Video Gallery:

Official Video of the New S-Class
Official Launch Video of the Car
Previous Gen 2014 S-Class Launch, A stunning Display

For a Complete Graphical Information of the new 2021 S-Class, watch the amazing video:

Credit: youtube.com/Shmee150

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