Tesla is one of the first companies to popularize the market for electric vehicles a reality. Before Tesla, all the companies that tried to sell EVs to the people suffered a huge loss. They were either not good or went bankrupt. The market for EVs didn’t even exist before the launch of the original Roadster. It was thought that electric vehicles were too slow to consider a threat, or it had a very large charging time.

They have a very low holding capacity of energy in their batteries but that held energy is used very efficiently by the car.

The Basic main shortcomings of Electric vehicles are:-
1. They can hold a finite amount of energy in their battery which is indeed limited to a certain number by efficiency (ie 374 miles) because when you plot the graph for EVs for efficiency vs weight, this is the sweet spot where the efiifciency is the maximum at the lowest possible weight.

2. They certainly need more time to recharge than a gasoline powered car which pushes people into the range anxiety and all that as they have a poor infrasturucture of charging stations in comparison with petrol pumps.


Tesla’s Founders:-

Believe it or not, Elon Musk the infamous genius didn’t actually start Tesla, it was Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning who started the company. Musk joined later and became the CEO of the company.

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Telsa’s Founders

There were a lot of ups and downs in Musk’s journey as a CEO. The company came up very close to becoming bankrupt and that too multiple times. Once they very only 3 days from bankruptcy. Musk himself stated that he didn’t think he could have a breakdown but he came very close to such a situation. But we all can agree, all the hardships paid very well as Tesla’s market capitalization at the time writing this article is twice that of Toyota which is at 2nd position. Amazing Isn’t.


Tesla is the company that is aimed at making gasoline cars a thing of the past, but in reality, it is far from being the actual truth but they are slowly and steadily working towards this future. The transformation will be very slow but take my words, it will surely and definitely happen. The future is definitely electric, there is no doubt about this but today gasoline-powered cars hold the market share.
Mind this, 25 or even 30 years into the future Tesla will be regarded as what Mercedez Benz is today, it has definitely caused a stir in the automotive business as the likes of giants such as Ford, GM, BMW Group, VW Group are all aiming and investing huge lump sums of money in their upcoming electric models to gather some momentum off the ground. Some manufacturers have even launched their first or even second electric models, take Porsche’s Tayacn for example. In a straight line, Taycan edges past the Tesla Model S by just. And I am sure these giants will come with their guns blazing when they start launching their models.

They Have Excited People All Over Again:-

Their upcoming models have people excited all over again. The next-gen Roadster is ranked in the top tier in terms of sheer performance if we consider the likes of hypercars. It is expected to be delivered in the year 2021 and on top of that add some latency to it. The original roadster changed people’s perspective of what an electric car could do. Earlier not in the distant past electric cars were bullied by petrol-heads but with the changing times they are themselves becoming a fan.
An electric car has its own demerits and merits over a gasoline-powered car. Electric cars tend to be astronomically safe as they don’t have to deal with any engine in the front to create an obstruction but on the other hand, they also tend to very heavy which destroys the driving dynamics of a performance car as weight is the biggest enemy. What made the McLaren F1 the greatest car the world has ever seen, was the weight factor as it was unbelievably lightweight, weighing just 1,138 kg (2,509 lbs) with a power output of 618 hp.


In my humble opinion, I think Tesla has no limits to where it can go and what it can achieve. It will surely be the big daddy of the car companies in the future as analysts say electric is the future and they are the very first ones to do this feat in mass production. It’s only a matter of gaining more and more people towards a more sustainable electric future.
Reducing the time taken for the cars to charge and making an excellent infrastructure of the network for charging stations will play a key role in gathering more and more potential buyers. People are more concerned about range anxiety than anything, if they solve this problem then switching to electric will just be a matter of choosing which electric car to buy. Tesla has made huge multiple factories called the Giga Factory, each specializing in the manufacturing of something that an electric car needs to be mass produces with. Their primary aim was to make advancements in battery technology and make them for as cheap as possible.

As a potential consumer myself, I put my faith in the genius Elon Musk that he will change the world and make it an even better place for us than it is today. And hopefully, we go to Mars as well!


There is not a single doubt about it, Tesla has brought a stir to the car industry and surely brought changes in the industry as it has shown that renewable energy is the way of the future for cars. It had brought the market of EVs sooner than ever. Sometimes we would have needed this change but Tesla made sure it happened now itself.

Many big players in this game have started rolling out new electric models and more are on their way as they say. Earlier they used to launch not completely gasoline or completely electric but the combination of both as Hybrid but now Tesla has completely changed that.

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A Hybrid Powertrain (Combining both ICE and Electric Power)

Some major auto players are even betting big on electrification by associating their well-known cars by giving them electric feel and finish. Take Mustang Mach- E for example, for over half a century Mustang has been a muscle car with a great V8 engine and full of power but Ford decided to play their game on Mustang’s name to remove all the above-mentioned things.

Market Capitalization:-

The stock prices have been booming for Tesla, now is the time to invest in this company. It has got all the ingredients of future success. It has a good plan for the future, has a great world-renowned CEO, and is the first to make mass production of electric vehicles. No doubt about it that it will be the first automotive giant with a market cap of at least $1 Tillion if it continues to work like the way they are doing today and work on the late deliveries.

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Tesla stock is currently trading at $408.5 per share (under the intial TSLA) with total outstanding share of 948 million at the time of writing this article.
Multiplying them will give us the market capitalization.


  • You may be shocked to know this but Elon Musk is not the founder of Tesla, he joined the company at a later date and became the CEO.
  • Tesla spends $0 on advertising, they follow an ingenious way to this problem which every company on this planet have. Their CEO is enough to give them ample coverage in terms of advertising. One such instance was when he sentStarman in a Tesla on a SpaceX rocket, which is like two shots with one stone.
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Starman in the Tesla

Watch the live feed of Starman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAJV0WZtJvg

  • Tesla sees itself as a technology company as much as they see itself as an automotive giant. There were first to introduce a 17″ large screen with OTA updates, which has now become a standard for EVs in general.
  • Telsa’s factories are huge in size and footprint. Other companies’ big factories are called mega factories by default. To add to this perk Tesla decided to name their factories as Giga Factories. Such small details tell so much about the company, isn’t it?
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Tesla’s Upcoming Gigafactory
  • Telsa is a tiny company in the volume of sales but a giant in market capitalization as compared to big birds like Ford, Toyota, GM, etc. The market cap of Tesla is more than twice of its next contender Toyota.

B’day of TESLA is on 1st July 2003.


  • If we plot the distance to the weight graph there is a sweet spot where the efficiency is maximum while keeping the weight as minimum as possible and that point is 374 miles. Most new vehicles launching will top out at this number unless they make changes in the science of the batteries.
  • Tesla is surely driving the industry towards electrification where big players are following in the same path. Almost every car manufacturer is eying towards this future but Tesla is the very first starter in this race.
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Tesla’s Complete Car Line-up as of Now
  • Telsa will be a big bird in the upcoming automotive world. There a massive shift in the industry to launch an electric version of the same car with updated dynamics. Telsa is the sole culprit of this change and is the first to this change. Shares of Tesla are on an all-time high at the time of writing this article and people are flocking towards this revolution.
    By 2025 many manufacturers are aiming to make at least 50% of their cars electric and mind you this is a big step which requires a lot of work.


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