Google is a company that has reshaped our technological world today. It is very hard to imagine a world where Google doesn’t exist. The Internet has become a familiar place thanks to Google. Even “Google it” has become a thing that has been added to the dictionary. To everyone’s surprise, Google is a relatively young company, you reading this article may be older than Google, the company was founded in 1998, which makes it just 22 years old. Pretty amazing isn’t it?
You must be asking what in the world did Google reached such heights of success in such amount of time? Here in this article you and I will find out.

Even market leaders have some special things to say about Google:

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Google’s Founders:-

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on Sept. 4, 1998. It was launched by them while doing their Ph.D. at Stanford University and since then the company has come along way and achieved many milestones along the way.

The first name of Google was called BackRub. Yes , you read that correctly BackRub, its good they changed the name to Google.

Google was also the result of a small garage startup like that of Apple and Amazon. Their brilliant founders started these companies in small garages that they rented for the same. It is also said that Google had a 3rd unpopular founder who did much of the coding required for the search engine, was named Scott Hassan.

Together both the founders own about 14% of shares of the company and control 56% of the stockholder voting power through supervoting stock.

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This is the Actual Garage where Google was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page

The Parent Company: Alphabet:-

Recently Larry Page stepped back from the CEO position of Alphabet and let Sunder Pichai become the CEO of the company. It is a rare occasion as being such a gigantic company, it has its own parent company. This situation similarly goes Mercedes Benz as they are the market leaders and still they have a parent company called Daimler.


The alphabet was formed in the first place to keep all the companies that initially Google was acquiring under one roof and to keep them functioning properly by making Google focus on its goals rather than their acquired companies goals’.


Google is a company that focuses more on the customer and tries their very best to maintain. No doubt, with the existence of google, life has become easier and more connected than ever before. The company focuses more on the software side and tries to provide a better experience for the user and that too for free. Almost everything that Google offers is free for the general public, whatever you can think of, whether it is Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Earth, Google Translate, or anything you can think of. These are some of the brilliant business models that have made it so successful.

Many big personalities in the field of tech have strong sayings about google. Giants like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos strongly believe in the workings of Google as a company. Mind you Google isn’t old of a company, you will be surprised to know that Google was founded as early as 1998, which is insane considering the fact that it has achieved so much this early and everybody knows about them.

Never Say Never:-

Man people were hoping for them to enter the smartphone market as they were the ones who owned android and they did but in the initial years the Nexus line wasn’t that good and very few people knew about it but the Pixel is very popular among Andriod enthusiasts. For the Pixel, they struggled with the sales and if you consider the words of industry experts they have kind of failed to gain the traction that they should have gained, that’s why the pixel 4a was launched with only one one color option and with only one storage option and in one size. The fewer sales of the phones don’t account for their even 0.1% revenue but people hoped for them to be the android king, not Samsung.
Over the years it has repeatedly shown that Google is a software-based company rather than a hardware-based company.

Opposite Algorithm:-

For Android, Google follows the exact opposite algorithm to Apple as it provides its OS to anyone who is building a phone for very cheap and that too it is open source, where companies are allowed to tweak the OS on their requirements whereas iOS is closed source and Apple doesn’t allow the OS to go to anyone else rather it keeps it in-house.

In my opinion, Google has done something that had made a greater impact on the world than anyone could have hoped. It made information easily accessible to everyone and anyone. I can proudly say this by the experience of using Google and its products that It will be difficult to imagine a world where it doesn’t exist.


There’s not a single doubt that Google takes some credit for shaping the world that we see today. The world would have been very different if it wasn’t for Google. The Internet would have a different entity altogether for an average user. As soon as the company was introduced at IPO it gained instant success in the share market as the things it promised to the user and the potential it had to do well in the future and fast forward to now it has become a $1 Trillion company joining the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Apple and, Microsoft.

Everything For Free:-

Google has been hard at work, no company has done the same amount of work that Google has done in the process of changing the world other than the likes of Microsoft and Apple. The basic mantra of Google is to provide everyone everything for free. All the services of Google are basically free to use, whether it is Google search engine or Google maps or YouTube or Google Drive or Gmail etc etc. Now you must be asking then how the hell does Google make any money? The answer lies in advertising, the company makes around 71% of its revenue from advertising alone. You must have heard YouTubers rant about the 45% cut that YouTube makes from their generated revenue which indeed is added to the overall revenue.

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Mind you not all services have ads integrated into them so it is kind of a big deal that Google is providing those services for free.

The non-advertised services of Google are a brilliant way to bring back people to their advertised services.

Market Capitalization:-

Google is the company that had the most potential for growth of any company at the time that’s why they made it so far surpassing the $1.1 Trillion mark on the NASDAQ index. When the company was newly formed it had the potential to knock off market leaders which were “Yahoo” at the time.

Google has seen and shown tremendous success from its inception. Initially, some mistakes were made by the founders which were quickly resolved and the company was up and running.

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Google stock is currently trading at $1,747 per share (under the intial GOOG) with total outstanding share of 329.87 million shares at the time of writing this article.
Multiplying them will give us the market capitalization.


  • Most of the millennials are older than Google. Seriously if you are born before 1998 then you’re older than Google.
  • Google’s very first name was BackRub. Can you believe that? It is good they changed their name otherwise, I guess it wouldn’t as popular as it is today.
  • The garage that was rented by Sergey Brin and Larry Page to start the company was loaned to them by Susan Wojcicki. Today that lady is the CEO of Youtube.
  • Gmail was launched on April Fool’s Day. People’s obvious reaction was that it was a joke but it turned to be the other way around. It was launched on 1st April 2004.
  • Try elgoog.imyou will see one of the wonders of Google (and if you’re intelligent enough you’ll figure out what does it say).

B’day of Google is on 4th September 1998.


  • The modern logo design of Google has a hidden meaning integrated into it. The name Google is derived from the word Googol which is the digit 1 followed by 100 zeroes or Googol zeroes.
    This was specially chosen because it symbolizes the magnitude of searches that Google search engine can provide.
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Evolution of the Google Logo all the way Starting from its First Name “BackRub”.
  • Google is full of secrets and easter eggs. It is a software company and it never fails us to surprise us with its innovations. Did you know that you can do a lot more than just find a search for your query? Try typing “Do a barrel roll” and the whole page does a 360.
    Here’s a list of some of the amazing things that Google can do:-

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  • You’ll be amazed to know that almost 70% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. This figure was as high as 90% in the not too distant past. They are churning huge sums of money from the ads that they place on different websites that we open from the Google search engine. No wonder they are offering so many services for free.


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