In the old old days when education was limited to a very lucky few, education was very pure. Nowadays it has become very dilute and kind of business for people to earn money from rather a practice to gain some knowledge and intelligence.

These days colleges offer a lot of courses, not because it wants to teach you everything rather this is done to accommodate as many students as possible. The teachers themselves seem not interested let alone the students learning new things because they have been teaching the same syllabus for years as no new curriculum is added on a regular basis, some old courses are taught year after year not considering the rate at which the world is growing. 
In today’s education system students and parents are like customers paying endlessly to ensure a brighter future which is pseudo and virtual for the majority. Those students who have experienced defeat in this system would understand this better.

21st century students are taught by 20th century teachers with 19th century curriculum. <Sad but ture 🙁>

College teaches you about your specific subjects but it never teaches a thing about money unless your specialization is economics. Colleges these days make policies and rules that are more attractive to your parents than it to you because they are the ones who are going to spend that much money on you so -it will be a logical thing to do. This is why every college in their brochure mentions placement rather than what a student is going to gain in terms of knowledge through their college.

If a college becomes large in terms of size and number of students then it eventually doesn’t care about the students rather they focus their minds on their image on parents and the general public, ultimately sidelining students. A college doesn’t think twice before rusticating a student because of the image, it is too big to ignore in front of a student’s future.


It is absolutely true that some are good at school and others are good at life because the students that do well at school don’t realize what they are missing and that the education that they are receiving is not enough in different phases of life but the failing students do realize this and they eventually start thinking out of the box and start seeing life in a different perspective altogether and develop special qualities along the way. 
One who follows his instincts and passion will be happier than the one who is trying to impress people that don’t care about them.

Success is not guaranteed but following your heart and being hardworking increases your chances at it.

In school we learn first then we are examined but in life we are examined first then we learn.

Elon Musk:-

He himself has said, “I think college is for fun and to prove that you can do your chores, if you really want to learn something then you can do it online for free”. I myself believe this statement because of the things that Google and YouTube have taught me, my college couldn’t. It made my vision very clear what I am interested in, also made me realize what I enjoy doing the most, and shown me a whole new side of the world which I never knew existed.

Elon Musk’s View on College Degree

Basically, college teaches you to have a tunnel vision to look straight and don’t look sideways but it is your responsibility to look in every direction and find all the answers to your questions before you proceed in life. This will definitely improve the quality of your life and how to see life in particular.

The only positive thing that I could think of right now is that colleges provide you with direct exposure to people coming from different parts of the world. Also, you get to know a lot of people and which teaches you about people in general.


The education system that we follow today was built by the Britishers (in most countries as they were colonized by them), it was built on the basis of industrialization. Basically, they needed people to work in the industries during the height of industrialization,that is why an education system was developed which required a tunnel vision with no creativity at all, they were supposed to do what they were told and ask no question. Does this system remind you of today’s education system?

A Ted ex Video About Our Education System

What the school tells you about money, nothing, nothing at all, they don’t teach you to think out of the box, whatever task you are given just complete that and not look anywhere else and think anything else and go to your next task without asking it what is the significance that the work will add in our life.


The things a rich dad teaches his kid are very different from what a poor dad teaches his kid. 
The things rich people teach their kids:-

  • Never work for money, let money work for you.
  • Have multiple sources of income.
  • Never fall in the trap of the rat race.
  • Don’t love things and use people, use things, and love people.
    In short, don’t be materialistic.
  • A life long is not really long so enjoy this moment right here right now.

If you don’t earn money while you are sleeping then you will working for the rest of your life to earn money.

The education system was made by the rich to educate the middle working class just enough so that they are always be working for them. They wanted the middle class to be hardworking and follow instructions so that they can stay rich off their hard work. Rich people never share the things that they know.
Just like the economy which is also made by the rich, that’s why instances like inflation, recession, capitalism, etc happen. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ate the solutions to this. 
This is the exact reason why the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

An amazing amazing video on what rich teaches their kid vs what poor teaches their kid:

Never Blame:-

Don’t blame the rich for stealing your money, they are a lot smarter than you are and very hard working, they are rich because they had the unique special qualities and thinking that the general public lacks. They went against the rules of society and made a world for themselves. They broke the barrier of which many of us fear dare crossing.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against rich people or something like that, it is the ultimate truth of the society that is mentioned in the article that is rarely shown just like the dark side of the 🌔.


If you are enjoying college life without realizing the direction of your life that your college is pushing you into then you are going to lose at some point in life and the occurrences like mid-life crisis will surely happen because your college wants you to become an esteemed slave of an MNC which you will never be interested in the long run. Always remember life is a long race and you have to be attentive and hard working at all stages of life.

FYI problems never end because society teaches you that college is the point is where your learning will stop and you will enjoy the rest of your life if you study well. This is clearly not the case. Remember, Learning is forever and problems are temporary.

In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that if you don’t want to study or not interested in studies, no problem, just don’t sit idle and overthink, do whatever your mind tells you to, learn whatever you want to, if your mind tells you to watch YouTube video just keep on watching it because in life learning and knowledge can come from anywhere and a sheet of paper can never ever ever decide who you are and what you are capable of in life.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

I want to make it clear that all the content written here is the result of a first-hand experience of mine.

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