Volkswagen:- Das Auto

It’s not a secret that Volkswagen owns some of the most premium and luxurious car brands on the planet. Some of the names include Audi, Bugatti, Lamborghini, etc. 
In reality, Volkswagen controls some of the important car companies that has helped automobile achieve a high status in our minds in general. These companies have a long and proud history and a legacy to inspire generations to become a petrol head.

FYI Volkswagen is a German manufacturer that was started in the Hitler era with the Beetle with a mission to build a car that was accessible to an average person. This practice has made the Beetle one of the best selling cars of all time only behind Toyota Corolla.

The tag line literally means “The Car” which symbolizes mass-market production and accessible to all. Even though Volkswagen shares its history with Hitler nothing has stopped it from reaching ultimate heights minus the emission scandal in 2015.

BMW:- Sheer Driving Pleasure

BMW is a German-based company that focuses on greater driving experience than luxury unlike some of its competitors. BMW is a behemoth in its class owning other big car brands like Rolls Royce and Mini. Strangely enough, both of them are from the UK. 
BMW forms the 3 pillars of the automotive world including Audi(Vorsprung Durch Technik) and Mercedez Benz (The best or nothing). Each of them is as impressive as the last. Out of these, BMW is the only company that is not owned by anyone, they themselves operate at various levels. Volkswagen owns Audi whereas Daimler group owns Mercedez Benz.

Full-Form of BMW is Bayerische Motoren Werke AG in German or in English, Bavarian Motor Works.

To know more about BMW Group check out this video:


BMW covers every market with every segment that a customer could possibly think of buying. They make every kind of car possible, they try to meet each customer with their required needs. As a matter of fact, they even make motorbikes, fast ones in fact.

General Motors:- Find New Roads

GM or Chevrolet (in some countries) is an American based company that builds cars, especially for the American market. They have a large share in terms of the number of sales in the USA. 
GM specializes in trucks that the company offers a number of it with a wide range of options to choose from. But it also has one party piece which is often called “The American Sports Car” also known as the Corvette.

GMC shares its rivalry with Ford. They form the biggest rivalry in the American market, both constantly trying to declare supremacy on the population.

GM owns Chevrolet, Cadillac, Wuling Motors, GMC, Holden, Baojun, and Buick 


FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)

It’s an Italian-American based company that was formed in 2014 after Fiat and Chrysler merged into a new holding company. They both have separate headquarters in their respective countries. Fiat operates within FCA Italy guidelines whereas Chrysler operates within FCA USA guidelines.
Both of them combined own a total of 6 car companies.

Chrysler owns Jeep, RAM, and Dodge 
Fiat owns Lancia, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo

All the companies owned by Chrysler are American and for Fiat they are Italian.



Some companies try a make separate firm of themselves that handles a special segment while functioning individually on different levels. 

Suppose a company is weak in a certain area, they try to gain customers in that segment but due to certain obvious situations, they are unable to gain any customers. To overcome this and to win customers the company makes a new company with a new brand name and branding that functions and acts individually from the parent company.

Flowchart of how Toyota operates and owns its business

This is exactly what companies like Nissan and Toyota have done. In the industry, it is believed that technological progress lies in the hands of Asian brands whereas luxurious cars are made better in European countries. To overcome this situation Nissan has created the “Infinity” brand and Toyota has made the “Lexus” brand to overcome the scarcity of luxury cars made in Asia
Not always things go according to plan, Mazda learned this the hard way, their luxury car brand named “Amati” failed miserably. 

Honda created Acura in 1986
Toyota created Lexus in 1989
Nissan created Infinity in 1989
Hyundai created Genesis in 2015
Volvo bought Polestar in 2015

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How Well Do You Know Your Cars!!

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Name the car brand.

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Which is the most valuable American car company as of June 2020?

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What does the commonly used abbreviation ABS stand for?

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4 / 7

Which is the second best selling car of all time?

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BMW was founded in which city?

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Which of the following is not a Jaguar model?

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Motor City is the nickname for which American city?

Your score is

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  1. FORD
    i.) Ford:- Built For Proud
    ii.) The Lincoln Motor Company:- What a luxury car should be
    i.) Mercedez-Benz:- The Best or Nothing. 
    ii.) Smart:- Smart. Open your Mind.
    i.) Daihatsu:- Light you up
    ii.) Lexus:- The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection
    iii.) Toyota:- Let’s Go Places
    i.) Infiniti:- Infiniti. Accelerating the Future
    ii.) Datsun:- Datsun Raising
    iii.) Nissan:- Built for the Human Race
    iv.) Mitsubishi Motors:- Drive your Ambition
    i.) Dacia:- The Very Acceptable Dacia Denem
    ii.) Alpine:- NA
    iii.) Renault:- Des voitures a Vivre
    iv.) Lada:- NA
    v.) Venucia:- NA
  6. PSA
    i.) Vauxhall:- Put the Fun Back into Driving
    ii.) Peugeot:- Motion &Emotion
    iii.) Citroen:- Spirit of Avant-grade
    iv.) Opel:- Die Zukunft Gehort Allen
    v.) DS automobile:- NA
    i.) Audi:- Never Follow
    ii.) Volkswagen:- Das Auto
    iii.) Porsche:- There is no Substitute
    iv.) Lamborghini:- Meaningful, memorable, Likable
    v.) Bentley:- There’s no replacement for Displacement
    vi.) Bugatti:- Breaking New Dimensions
    ii.) Skoda:- Simply Clever
    viii.) Seat:- Auto Emocion
    ix.) MAN:- You Can Count on MAN
    x.) Scania:- NA
    i.) Chevrolet:- Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet
    ii.) Cadillac:- The penalty of leadership
    iii.) Buick:- When better automobiles are built, Buick will build them
    iv.) Baojun:- NA
    v.) Holden:- Holden Go
    vi.) GMC:-We are professional grade
    vii.) Wuling Motors:- Drive Unlimited Way
    i.) Fiat:- Driven by Passion
     a.) Lancia:- At your Service.
     b.) Maserati:- Luxury, Sports and style cast in Exclusive Cars.
     c.) Alfa Romeo:- La Meccanica Delle Emozini
    ii.) Chrysler:-Chrysler. Inspiration comes Standard
     a.) Jeep:- The toughest 4 letter words on Wheels.
     b.) RAM:- Guts. Glory.
     c.) Dodge:- Domestic. Not Domesticated
  10. TATA
    i.) Land Rover:- Above & Beyond
    ii.) Jaguar:- Born to perform
    iii.) TATA Motors:- Connecting Aspirations
  11. HONDA
    i.) Acura:- The road will never be the same
    ii.) Honda:- The power of dream
  12. BMW Group
    i.) BMW:- Sheer Driving Pleasure
    ii.) Mini:- Think Small
    iii.) Rolls Royce:- Strive for Perfection in Everything 
  13. GEELY
    i.) Geely:- Bring the Fun back in Driving
    ii.) Volvo:- Volvo your Lofe
    iii.) The London Taxi Company:- NA
    i.) Hyundai:- New Thinking. New Possibility
    ii.) KIA:- The Power to Surprise
    iii.) Genesis:- Luxury Evolved

14 Car Companies controls a total of 60 brands globally

Comment down the company of the car that you drive if you think you learned something today.

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